26th MARCH – 1st APRIL 


New class for 2017 

Piano Fun Class – see Page 20. This class will be held on Thursday 30th March from 1.00 – 2.00 p.m. The set pieces are from Crazy Crochets & Quirky Quavers and there is a website – – from where the book may be ordered and ideas gained for performance. 

Organ section: Unfortunately, due to lack of support we are unable to continue with the organ classes. We thank those who have supported it over the years. 

Speech & Drama: There are some changes in this section – 

Choral Speaking: There is now a set piece and an own choice for Elementary and Intermediate classes. 
Following a query last year - please remember that Elementary and Intermediate refers to standard, not age. 

Share A Poem: like Poetry Speaking this now has themes. 

Prepared Reading (latterly known as Prose): the name has been changed to reflect the exact nature of the class – a piece of own choice prepared reading 

New class for 2017 

Prose: has been introduced (Page 27). Ages commence at 10 and performers learn a piece from an own choice book. Performers must speak their piece and will not be allowed to read from the book. 
As usual, the piece must be produced for the adjudicator. 

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